PROMEX investments policy develops on the basis of investment plans with targets and budgets that are clearly defined and monitored.
Only within 2006 – 2009 over 7 mil. Euros have been allotted for such investments aiming development of competitiveness on the market and meeting expectations and requirements of PROMEX customers, by:

  • Upgrading / renewal of production capacities – new welding installations (including welding robots), perfoirmance machine-tools, heat treatment furnaces, blasting and painting rooms in controlled environment, cutting machines, purchase of overhead cranes, tooling, etc. ;
  • Purchase of measuring and quality inspection devices/instruments ;
  • Reorganizing of production lines;
  • Investments in improvement of work conditions, work safety and professional training of employees;
  • Purchase of performance software for constructive and process engineering that allowed engineering and construction of new products and extension of production profile to new areas like : machinery and equipment for power and mining industry, oil and naval industries (dredging and deck equipment).