Quality Policy




    S.C. PROMEX S.A. Braila, member of UZINSIDER S.A. Group Bucuresti, has certified and maintains operational a Quality Management System, in accordance with requirements of the reference standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008, its field of application starting from raw materials, materials and services incoming within organization up to delivery of final products to customers.

    Maintaining and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System to all levels of organizational structure aims full satisfaction of customers requirements, under economic efficiency and profit conditions, rising prestige and customer’s trust in the products and services offered by our organization, but also getting their loyalty.

    Quality Manual as well as all Documented Procedures, respectively specific Working Instructions are known by and compulsory for all PROMEX staff, our purpose being to develop a quality activity, create responsibility to environment and continuously improve the safety of job places.

    The management team of S.C. PROMEX S.A. engaged the entire staff directly or indirectly participating to production process to obtain good quality products and services and assure their customers that quality policy is communicated, understood and maintained at all levels.

    By promoting this policy the organization committs itself to carry out all the steps taken with a view to satisfying their customers, contractual requirements, regulations according to legislation in force as well as achievement of proposed goals.

    As General Manager, I commit myself to ensure implementation of this policy and the set targets and in this respect I transfer responsibility and authority to the Manager for Quality Inspection and Management Division to implement, maintain and continuously improve the Quality Management System within the organization.

    The entire staff in S.C. PROMEX S.A. has the obligation to comply with and transfer into practice at their job places and in the activity area they coordinate, the quality policy, respectively Quality Management System applicable to entire organization.


General Manager – SC PROMEX SA