S.C. Promex S.A. Brăila aims being a company offering products worldwide, doing its utmost to reach perfection to satisfy its customers.

      S.C. Promex S.A. Brăila wants to be recognized as one of the best and complete companies in engineering and construction of specific products for its profile.


      The long term key of success for Promex is customers assistance in reaching their own goals. We have to meet expectations of our customers, listen their suggestions and build relationships based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.


      Innovation connected with our constant efforts to satisfy customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs allow us to supply products without defects for a fair price.


      PROMEX managers and employees always act with integrity and are guided by ethics and fairness to customers. Competition is strong and fair for us.


      Our goal is for each PROMEX employee to be allowed for a career with development opportunities granting a balance between their job site and family life. Within a more and more competitive business background, PROMEX together with its employees return to such challenge. We consider people as being the main key for company success. By this reason, we ask our employees consideration for their next-by, expressing this by facts, in a fair, open, tolerant and honest manner.


      We encourage diversity at job site by putting into practice the principle of complete equality of chances in all engagements and promotions; we support the extension of access to information and new technology.


      We aim to contribute to a positive growth of our local community, by creating and maintaining secure places of work, to ensure a high level of training for our employees. PROMEX and its employees are very well aware of their responsibility to have contribution to local community welfare, having significant impact on people life.