History of Promex

Years 1924-1948



promex in anul 1922Arrangement works ended mid 1924, the inauguration festivities took place on October, 21st , 1924, with wide attendance of French builders and representatives from other institutions of the same profile in the country.

Mijlocul anului 1924Although the French equipment within the company was somehow outdated from technical point of view, it could ensure a certain prosperity level for the French – Romanian Company till 1928, the benefit and invested capital was increasing almost in geometrical progression.

A steel structure workshop and a management building became operational in 1929. Locomotives were repaired at that time, approx. 80 pcs/month. There were 344 workers upon establishment.






In The French – Romanian Company of Railway Rolling Stock S.A. 468 workers were employed during crisis period.



The statistics of the time were showing there were 254 enterprises in Braila, the most important being the Frech – Romanian company where 868 workers and officers were working.

promex.ro - anul 1937 5


promex.ro - anul 1940The French – Romanian Company of Railway Rolling Stock S.A. has 1376 employees and produces locomotives, ship hulls, oil presses, valves or provides maintenance and repairs. The Factory for ammunition and war materials became operational mainly producing brands and various types of mines. The French – Romanian Company of Railway Rolling Stock S.A. merges with “Phoebus” Company, Iron Foundry and Machinery Factory in Oradea.



promex.ro - anul 1942The French – Romanian Company of Railway Rolling Stock S.A. takes part to establishment of joint-stock company “Regia Metalurgica” Braila together with Romanian State through the Ministry of National Defense, the State Sub-Secretariate of Endowment, Industrial National Credit and Romanian Bank, according to Decree-Law no. 1494 dated May, 11, 1942.



Until nationalisation in 1948 the company participate to country’s endowment for war, gaining important benefits; that year there were 1798 employees (6 technicians, 5 engineers, one top office worker, 419 office workers, 733 qualified workers, 468 non-qualified workers, 159 various employees, etc.), being the most important enterprise in town.

promex.ro - anul 1948

The French – Romanian Company of Railway Rolling Stock S.A. ceases activity under this name, being taken over by the State and registered under the name Intreprinderea „PROGRESUL” Braila.

Early 1949, Intreprinderea „PROGRESUL” change its name into Grupul Mecano-Naval „Progresul” Braila, by merging with some smaller enterprises: „R.N.”, „Energia”, „Viitorul”, „Nava Rosie”, „Danubiul and Metinov”.
Besides locomotives repairing, the new enterprise was producing alternative steam machineries of 900 HP, auxiliary machineries and installations for mine dredging, fishing winches, speed boats, naval engines, steam turbines, light buoys, ship and land-type boilers etc.