History of Promex

Year 1921

actul constitutiv promex sa

The French – Romanian Company of Railway Rolling Stock S.A. was established on the 30th of August, 1921 on the basis of the agreement among 15 large banking and industrial French and Romanian companies.
The Constitutive Deed of the company mentioned: „equity capital (parity subscribed) is ROL 40,000,000 divided into 80,000 transferable shares having a nominal amount of 500 ROL each.”The company had the registered office in Bucharest ( 5 Biserica Amzei Street) and the office of the French managers was in Paris ( 12 La Rochfoucauld Street).

The object of the company establishing was (transcribing word for word the content of article 4 of the Statute) as follows:

  • Repairing of tramway, railway rolling stock, etc. as well as all the industrial activities regarding metal-working and mechanical construction;
  • Setting up industrial establishments in participation with other companies or persons;
  • Trade of railway rolling stock or, in general, of any industrial material, on their own account or on commission basis;
  • Purchase, sale, leasing of real estate or pieces of grounds with the view to establishing or putting into operation of industrial plants;
  • Purchase, sale, leasing, concession or work by contract of any means of transportation for their necessities.

The French – Romanian company, especially profiled on producing railway rolling stock and repairing of locomotives, started the works for location of its shops early 1922, in the North-Western area of the town, in the former sub-urban commune Brailita, for this purpose making use of local work-force, building activities being managed by French and Romanian engineers and technicians.