History of Promex


PROMEX has focused its efforts in production of some high efficient and reliable equipment for buildings, as per quality requirements of European Standards.

Another new product achieved by engineering team is the Eco-aqua-system PELICAN B580, that is a floating excavator with multiple dredging functions. This equipment has the following fields of use:

  • Floating Dredger Pelican B580 typeRemake and clean the polluted waterways and aquatic basins;
  • Remake and eco-clean the fish basins and create a healthy environment for fauna;
  • Vegetation control inside aquatic basins;
  • Clean the waste waters treatment basins;
  • Declogging of lake dams belonging to hydro-electric power stations;
  • Remake of water channels and basins for irrigation;
  • Remake of navigation channel
  • Prevention and eco-breaking of ice bridges
  • 44Layout of underwater cables, oil and gas drain pipelines;
  • Extraction of earthy brown coal

The Eco-aqua-system PELICAN B580 can easily travel on road, by mean of a trailer without special arrangements and no crane being needed to load it on the trailer.